Martinstown House Wedding Photography - JAM SHOOTS

      Martinstown House Wedding Photography – Trinity College Wedding – Ellen & Niall

      Wedding Date: August 2017

      Today’s blog showcases one of those perfect wedding days I could happily have shot for days on end. A super early ceremony (11:00!) meant an early start at Ellen’s sister Charlotte’s house. Ellen’s beautiful vintage dress was placed outside for a quick shot (not my idea!) and at this point I noticed that Charlotte’s cat was also outside. I looked at the dress and at the cat, then back to the dress and back to the cat. I took that dress picture as fast as humanly possible and then shouted for the dress to be brought back into the house while not breaking eye contact with the cat. Cats have claws. Dresses are delicate. I’m painting an unnecessarily long picture here but the fear was real. I’m sure Charlotte’s cat is totally sound but it’s good to err on the side of caution with these things.

      I could have quite happily spent all morning with Ellen’s lovely family as there was such a relaxed and warm atmosphere but I had to get into the car and make my way through the city to Trinity Chapel, for this was the place that Ellen & Niall were to wed today. The sun split the cobbled paths and tourists gasped at the beauty of the chapel (from the outside only as the security guard wasn’t letting anyone NEAR the inside before or during the wedding). Ellen arrived in a vintage Triumph Stag and the day properly kicked off.

      Following the ceremony, we took a quick walk around Trinity for shots* and then they were off in the Stag to Martinstown House. Martinstown House is a fine Strawberry Gothic style cottage ornée nestling in a peaceful setting on its own miniature park, with many fine old trees and a beautiful walled garden. From the moment you step over the threshold you will realise that they are not a hotel, but a stylish, private country residence where your every need is catered for. I stole that entire last bit from their website. I have no idea what a Cottage Ornée is and I’m taking them at their word that every need is catered for. They all seemed lovely and the food was amaaazing. Yep – three a’s there, that good.

      Because of the early ceremony, the rest of the day was incredibly relaxed and I was able to grab shots of everyone here and there in between extended mingling**. The Trips kicked off the evening’s entertainment in style. I’ve been lucky enough to see them loads of times now and they’re always guaranteed to get the dancefloor going.

      A gigantic Thank You to Ellen & Niall and their families for having me along for this fabulous day. Big up to Charlotte’s cat for not ripping that dress to shreds.

      *photos like

      **their extended mingling, I wasn’t mingling – honest


      Dress boutique: Elizabeth Avey, Greenwich

      Bridesmaids Dresses: Jane Bourvis

      Groom’s Suit: A Suit That Fits

      Groomsmen’s Suits: Brendan Kidd

      Hair: Selena – Ah Hair Leave It Out

      Make Up: Kirsty Kiinsella

      Band: The Trips





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