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      Irish Elopement Photographer – Connemara Wedding  Photography – Saja & Dirk

      So how to preface this collection of images of the stunning West of Ireland Elopement of Saja & Dirk?

      I could talk about how they got in touch first by replying to an Instagram Story of me filing my taxes by stuffing a fist full or receipts into an envelope for my poor suffering accountant.  I could talk of how I realised a few emails in to our discussions that the bride was an amazing wedding photographer herself. I could talk about how I then realised the person she was marrying was ALSO an amazing wedding photographer.  I could mention how at this point I thought “oh f**k can I do this?” but trusted they loved my work and were up for an adventure. I could talk about how they hired one of my best friends to join them to provide beautiful acoustic music that floated out into the incredible landscape of Lough Inagh and filled the already electric air with atmosphere and emotion. I could talk about how I sang at HIS wedding, but that would be sidetracking.  How about I just say very little and let these images speak from themselves?

      Saja and Dirk are  photographers, you can see their brilliant work here and here. They have a dog named Hugo and they brought him and their families from Germany to Connemara and eloped. Their ceremony was held at the foot of Lough Inagh Lodge and we then spent nearly 2 hours walking around taking portraits and having fun. They gave me wine and gin as presents.

      It was just the best.

      Saja and Dirk – thanks for trusting me to capture this and see you guys at Islanders!



      Music: Doug Sheridan

      Venue: Lough Inagh Lodge, Connemara

      Hair & Makeup: Daniela Riwoldt

      Flowers: Anna Kochanov




      tel: +353(0)877466600


      Wedding Photography by John Gillooley. Creative, Emotional & FUN photography.

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