Dublin City Elopement – Elopement Ireland – Alexandra & Pierre-Luc

      Elopement Date: March 2017

      Hi there.

      The blog. The blog has been shamefully neglected of late. I’ve been busy shooting, editing, shooting some more, goofing off on Instagram Stories, and editing a bit more after that. I have so many beautiful weddings to catch you up on from late 2016 onwards. Since it’s been a while I’d like to start somewhere in the middle (March this year) and going forward (sorry for saying Going Forward, I used to work in I.T.) I will switch it up between the oldish and newish. 2017 has been INCREDIBLE so far and I cannot wait to share more here on the blog. One of the things I was going to do to speed things up is have more blogs where the images speak for themselves and I shut up. I’m doing an incredibly bad job of that so far, aren’t I?

      OK John, keep it simple, don’t blather on…

      Alexandra & Pierre-Luc are an incredible couple from Montréal, Canada who came to Dublin to Elope. They came the week of Patrick’s Day and it pissed rain for days on end. Wait, I probably shouldn’t be using words like “pissed” in a wedding blog should I? I’ll never get picked up by Junebug at this rate.

      The skies cleared however on the day of their elopement and we had the first truly beautiful day of the year which made for some gorgeous shots as we made our way from the registration office near the Grand Canal to the amazing Docklands, onto Merrion Square and finishing up with a pint at The Stag’s Head.

      All great moments with a couple who were so much fun.

      My favourite memory? Drinking whiskey with A+PL under the sun in Merrion Square. They had brought a triple pack of Teeling’s Whiskey and we drank a bottle each, while soaking up the sun. I should probably point out that these were miniature bottles.

      Also, I was their witness for the actual ceremony.

      Also, it was Alexandra’s birthday.

      Not a day to be forgotten anytime soon.

      Testimonial: “Thanks again for the pictures. I’m in love with them and my mom cried when she saw them! I’m amazed with the quality of your work”




      Dress: Mikaella Bridal
      Dress Boutique: Créations Vézina, in Laval, Quebec

      Foto nunta Brasov

      Gorgeous pictures. I love the color grading you put in to them. Nice postures, they look so relaxed!

      Such beautiful emotion in your photographs!

      Thank you for sharing!

      Fotograf Nunta

      Lovely John.. loads of nice angles and shadows, great work.

      Thanks so much Paul!

      John, they’re beautiful pictures. Well done!

      Great to hear from you Sara – thanks so much!



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