Cliff At Lyons Wedding – Sile & Aled – Irish Wedding Photographer

      Wedding Date: May 2017

      My first time shooting a wedding at the insanely fabulous Cliff At Lyons will be one to remember! A really beautiful venue in Kildare, it has the dual benefit of catering to everything a couple could ever want in a venue, and also being only a 35 minute drive from my house. More weddings here please.

      My second blog in a row to feature a couple who live in Australia and had to plan their entire wedding abroad, I must be hitting some seriously excellent SEO terms for “help me I’m in Australia and I’m getting married in Ireland and I need to sort a photographer who isn’t a dick.”

      Sile’s Family (Irish) + Aled’s Family (Welsh) = PARTY. What a brilliant crew of people all united for the common goal of having the Craic and whatever the Welsh term for Craic is.

      Thanks so much Sile & Aled for asking me along! Cheers and Iechyd Da! (please blame Google if that’s wrong)


      I’m so in love with this here… But I’ll beware of Noticing ‘the lovely light’ ūüôā <3

      Aw thanks Saja!

      Lovely work john, nailed it.

      Thanks so much again Paul!



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